A major repertoire project over the coming years is Alain Féron's Complete Works for Solo Guitar, an ongoing collaboration that includes new works specially written for my 8 string instrument.



At present I am working on a new arrangement of J.S. Bach's Complete Lute Works, to be released on Japanese classical label Da Vinci Editions in 2020. Here is a short glimpse.



Working together over the years with top luthiers Alastair McNeill, Jack Sanders, Stein Schuddinck and the highly inventive Tao Guitars Brussels, we have been prototyping my various design experiments for an acoustically innovative 8 string classical concert guitar with embedded noise captors. Here is the first ever performance on the cedar instrument built for me by Jack Sanders and fitted by Tao Guitars, filmed on Portugese oboist Paulo Chago's telephone while we were working together at the Brussels festival Tempo al Tempo 2016


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