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Steve Gibbs has developed a unique world of expression through his adapted 8 string classical guitar, a wonderfully deep-sounding instrument with its own spacious voice, quite different from that of the more familiar 6 string instrument. Working with master luthiers, Steve has developed a radically personalized tool which, in addition to its velvety, cello-like expanded bass register, is equipped with embedded neck captors that enable him to seamlessly move through historical contrapuntal works, contemporary classical creation, contact noise and experimental string fractions, all within a single instrument. At present, Steve's work is focused on a vast cycle of solo works in collaboration with composer Alain Féron, introduced on the "programme" page. Over a half century of activity, Steve has shared his music with listeners in Asia, Europe and the USA. His professional training includes Western music, Carnatic and Buddhist chant and Korean shamanist percussion.

Steve Gibbs 8 string classical guitarist
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